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To those who have been running 10k, 20k miles on pro-kit or sportlines,

what you guys gonna do when your shocks wear out to the point there it just gives and there are no aftermarket shocks available?
this is almost the only reason i am hesitant to install my pro-kits. . .

a) get stock shocks
b) continue to ride it till shocks come out
c) other

(guess i should've just made a poll eh. . .)

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the right answer is to wait for aftermarket to come out but.....

i just ordered some oem replacement shocks yesterday after 21 k miles with the sportlines and stock shocks

i am just now gettiing to the "two bump" area when I hit a bump, i only hit my bumpstops once in a while (full gas tank, speakerbox, and adult passengers), and I have zero shock damage/leaks with a visual inspection last week.

you will be safe riding around with the stock shocks as mine have not "blown" but are past their useful life at 39k miles on the car.

the back end rolls about as much as it did stock.

the only real damage i am concerned about is the wear on the front struts which appear to be working too hard with the bad pitch angle due to the worn rear shocks.

my front is up a 1/2" from the final setled height with the sportlines and the back is down 3/4" lower than it was after I put the sportlines on.

if it gets real bad you can mitigate it some by riding with only a half tank of gas.

can't wait for the JIC's (money is sitting in the bank)

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Snolden, how much did you pay for the OEM replacement shocks? Lemme know cuz my fronts are worn with the Pro Kits installed.
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