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2009 nissan altima 2.5l qr25de
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2009 Nissan Altima 2.5l QR25DE 110k.
Ok so bottom CVT coolant/heater line was dry rotted and basically feel apart had huge leak went to replace the hose and thought why not Go ahead and replaced filter since hell all the CVT fluid was out dropped the pan replace filters has 2 put CVT fluid back in drove it everything is perfect for 3 days well I decided to wash it had CVT fluid all in engine bay & side of the car and trunk also the undercarriage CVT fluid stinks really bad. To so I Was cleaning the engine bay wiping all the CVT fluid and blah blah Well I noticed by the air/fuel ratio a wire harness with 3-4 end cap like things clipped at the end of the wires there was a bunch of like electrical tape it was coming all done and it was all nasty n just not sticking anymore so I pulled it all off and was gonna replace it n wrap it all back up with some new tape. When I got it all off to replace there was like 4 wire connection end cap like things lol well I took one out to clean it wipe it down and when I stuck it back in I heard like a pop (like a fuse blowing) or click and my radiator fans came on and head lights Came on very weird. And I could not turn the car off. So I pulled negative ground cable from battery and it would shut down. Reconnect go to start car nothing head lights come on even with the switch off and cooling fans automatically came on high. Come to find out that means that There is no communication with the ECU Needless to say spoke with someone they told me it was my Power IC went bad in the ECU. So I shipped my ECU to a company that’s has been around for 100+ years n they seem to know what they are doing and how to do. Well they confirmed the Powe IC was bad and they replaced the power IC shipped the ECU back to me but the car is still doing the same thing.

It’s push to start when I push the button it’s like everything is on but the engine is not running? Fans automatically come on. Steering wheel stays unlocked brake pedal very stiff. And when I push the button to cut it off it won’t cut everything off. I have a scan tool very basic and it tells me no communication with car.

it has to deal with 3 black wires.2 pink with black stripe and 1 solid pink and 3 white with red stripe. Been at this for months. I thought the ECU possibly never got looked at. I did the wire harness for the whole car followed them wires they go to TCU SPEED sensor input/output & Neutral safety switch.

OK. So I unplugged TCM. The fans cut off. So now the ECU is communicating and obviously TCM ain’t now that it’s not hooked. Bought new TCM now car runs & drives but just acts crazy at times gauge cluster rpms cut in and out MPH cut in and out. ABS light cones on and off. Key light comes on and off BRAKE light comes on and off cluster changes from day mode to night mode when you first turn it on and you can’t manually switch gears manual mode dont work To turn off the engine. Just engine hold the push to start/stop button hold it for 6 seconds and it cuts the engine off but just the engine. Everything else stays on if you click it fast a bunch of times it cuts everything off. so I bought a new IPDM still acts the same
is The BCM bad?DTC codes I have now are
P0138 this codes usually never pops up but it does time to time if I clear codes it takes awhile and it pops on and it’s always been that way.
P0725 this code comes and goes it usually never is there
is the gauges cluster bad

CANbus controller?
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