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Converting Rear Drums w/ ABS to Disc...

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Okay, now after reading and rereading whatever I could find about the brake swap, I still have a few Q's. You see, my alty has rear drums with ABS :-( I want to convert it but I know that the ABS factor makes it that much more of a bitch-job. I was told by a mechanic that I would have to replace the ABS sensors. Does this mean the sensors located at the rear wheels? Also, would the proportioning valve need to be changed, or is it the same? Seems to me that no one else changed theirs but I want to know if I should so as not to half-ass my brake job. I am also aware that the master cylinder is different (correct?). Would my computer need to be reprogrammed also? Anything else I'm missing?

Thanks for the help.

P.S. Sorry for posting so many damn new threads all at once, but they're all just things I've been itching to ask for a while and I've researched thoroughly yet am still confused about.
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is there site to teach you how to swap from Drum to Disc

Hi, I also got a Drum brake for rear wheel, so i want to convert it to disc brake, is there any website or article can explain to me more information how to swap it?
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