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I smelled coolant when i parked my alty today, so i popped my hood and found a small puddle of coolant has formed under the seal where the upper left hose meets the radiator. It doesn't seem to be leaking that fast, but my question is...
obviously i need to replace that hose, but i'm supposed to be making a 300+ mile trip today. Do you think it will be alright to take the trip? Doesn't look as if the hose itself is damaged, just as though the seal is leaking. Tried tightening the clamp but don't know if it will help.
What's the worst that can happen, blow out the hose and look like a moron on the side of the interstate!?
two problems in two days!

My water pump leaked from the freeze relief valve. Like I ****ing need that in Arizona. I don't need no stinking freeze plugs.

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