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Hey all,
I'm working on an overheated '02 1.8 @ about 190k miles. Initially, the overheating problem was random. I would happen to fix the problem when it would come up, and usually amounted to refilling the rad (not knowing where the coolant was ending up), and going about my business. Recently, i've been paying attention to any air getting trapped, because the burping would take longer to happen, sometimes over several days. The past few days have seen very hot temps, and a stream has developed, leaking the coolant out of the intake manifold at a particular bolt connecting it to the engine. When I look at the drip, it is coming from a bolt, where there is a gap on one side of the bolt on the head. So, just to the left of the bolt (looking up from bottom, facing front) is a gap in material (machined). The water (stopped using coolant for cost and test purposes) is streaming from this gap, behind the bolt. I looked for any hoses or other connections that might be the culprit, but failed to find any.

This all happens as soon as I put water in the rad. The car doesn't even have to be on - just fill and watch it come out the other side.

Any suggestions?

I'm scared of replacing the intake mani gasket...
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