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ok for some reason the text imput mixed up my words lol I sound like I can't speak English. I meant to say "thought i would show you all what my car looks like", and not the other language the stupid system inserted lol

sorry guys :) let me know what you think of my car anyways...


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It's hard for me to say, being from Canada where we have so few Skylines I could count them on one hand...but my point is this:
I would personally never paint a Skyline that colour, because to me it is sacrilidge, BUT, I understand that in Oz there are tons of them so you want to set yourself apart from the rest. If I owned that car it would have stayed bone stock on the exterior, except for maybe some wheels...
Speaking of which, I'm not a fan of chrome on a race-bred car like the me they belong on luxury cars and SUVs.

So you see my dilemma. On the one hand I don't REALLY like what you've done with the car, but on the other I would trade my testicles for it.

Welcome to the forum. :)
(Also, please keep in mind that Montreal is VERY conservative when it comes to modifying cars...everything is either OEM or JDM, few exceptions. Oz is much more like the southern USA in this case, so I'm sure there are MANY members who will love the car.)
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