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Custom switch placement and trunk neon installation pic

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Just thought I'd share something my bf and his brother did last night to my car. It's a custom switch placement and trunk neon installation pic. He put in strobe lights in both the front headlights and the back turn signals. They also did an installation of a 15" blue neon tube in the trunk to shine on the 15" sub and fascia. Well he wanted the strobes and neon to run off of one switch. So there is this little dead button on the console right by the e-brake. He recessed the button into that dead button. It doensn't look like much but they had to run wire all the way down the side of the car to get juice to the back set of strobes and neon, then had to snake all the wiring up the front console so that the wires would run up to this little switch. All wires are tucked. So all you see is the switch, and all you see is the neon tube. No wires. Like I said, it's very subtle, but it took them about 3 hrs to wire everything and put everything back together. 2 pics below, one of the little switch, and one of the neon installed in the trunk.
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2nd pic of the neon install

2nd pic of the neon install, it looks really good against the 15" sub and wall in the trunk. You don't really see the neon tube unless you are standing way at the side or looking directly into the trunk from directly above it. U have to get about 6" of the car to see it, so it looks pretty stealth.
you took my idea man....just playing...try to get a picture of it at night lookin down on the sub...I bet it look pretty cool....good place to put the switch too.

peace out jigga
yea i like how they did the switch, i'm doing blue neons in the trunk as well but i got some things to get out of the way first. looks goods
Thanks to all. I'm glad there are some people on here who would understand and appreciate the work that went into it. Those of you who have taken the car apart in some way understand or who have messed with wiring :)
Nice looking job...a fridn of mine does a lot of wiring work so I know that it must of took them a lot of labor to do this....I like where the switch is placed..excellent spot.

Nice work AV.
looks good... switch looks professionaly done.
Thanks all.
how did they do that switch?? i mean like where did theyt get it? it's perfectly flush!! and thr color of ur car int.
AltimaVixen, love the switch. Looks just like mine- except mine is for the fogs. Everyone thiks it is factory since it is flush and lights up to match my dash. Good work. Later.
yea I got the same switch for my overdrive when I swiched out the shifter..looks good man. Good Work.
Thanks, it's the switch that came with the strobes. He just cut that "dead " button with an exacto to get the hole, then recessed the switch. More mods to come, big and small.
Wow! nice job ,are you planning on putting some under the car?
I have the same switch in my '97 Altima. It's stock-------it arms and unarms the stock alarm.
Thats where I put the switch for my amp so I can turn it on or off....I am also going to hook a relay upto it and have it so it will turn on a 15" neon in my trunk and possible one under my rear seat...not sure yet.
I thought those switch was for the air cleaner..or the Power/hold switch..Anyway in The bluebird sss JDM model i came with 2 switch where the E-brake is and they are for power/hold swithc and above that is the air cleaner in the back..its like a fan that purifies the air..Im gonna get rid of it and use the switch for the NEON...
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