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cv axle boots

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hello all, my cv axle bott is ripped on the passenger side and i'm not sure if it is a problem that needs to be fixed right away.if so where is the best place to get a replacement boot? are they hard to install. thanks for any help..........
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get it fixed, the sooner the better. If it's just the boot, that can be fixed without replacing the entire axel, but you'll spend more in labor. The difference in price between a new boot put on the old axel, or a new axel all together is about $30. You may as well just spend the extra little bit of money and get a fresh axel and boot.

expect to spend about $150, maybe less depending on where you go. I definitely would take it to a reputable shop, not some rinky-dink auto service place. It's not hard at all, but i just don't trust brake shops and jiffy lubes.
can't you fix them ur self? i think i'v seen replacement boots in discount auto and auto zone
altimahalic said:
can't you fix them ur self? i think i'v seen replacement boots in discount auto and auto zone
like i said, it can be done. But i wouldn't recommend it. Especially if you've never done it before. If you wanna do it yourself and save money, more power to ya! But i would rather get a fresh axel already packed and booted. The actual replacement of an axel takes less time and is actually easier than repacking the boot with grease. Either way, it needs to come off and go back on, so all that extra time of repacking is Labor Cost.

Get it done right, replace the whole thing!
the longer you wait, the more crap gets in there, messing everything up even worse...

so do it sooner than later as has been told.
Mine are torn but Im too lazy to crawl under there till spring. I pack em full of grease every couple weeks through the rip and they seem to be ok.
Just turn up the radio and you won't hear the clicking sound when you turn

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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