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I have toyed around with adding an external transmission oil cooler for my 2014 2.5S for a while now. There
are two options - aftermarket and OEM Nissan. The aftermarket coolers are much less expensive but require
greater effort to install. The OEM Nissan is plug and play but is $$$$$.

I've decided to break my piggy bank and purchase the OEM Nissan 21606-ZX59A.
I studied a fluid flow circuit from the CVT to the radiator to the cooler and back to the CVT provided by NHTSA NTB13-079d
and it took me a while to figure it out. Since others here have helped me with how to do it instructions I thought it would be helpful to share what I learned.

The hardest part of understanding the flow circuit was the direction of flow of the fluid inside the radiator. The fluid is pumped from the CVT in the rubber hose
then upward inside the radiator and then is pumped downward in a rubber hose toward the external cooler as shown by the arrows I added to them below.
It made complete sense after that.

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