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Darn transmission...and some swap questions

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Damn transmission...and some swap questions

Ok, so here's the story: Not because of the way I drive, but because automatic transmission failure is like death and taxes, I am having to look at my 93 Altima every morning and leave it behind because the clutch plates inside the tranny have worn down and fused together. My dream of doing the fabled SR20DE swap / supercharger is drifting away because the time to perform the swap vs. having a car to drive every day is getting harder and harder to fathom. I was planning on doing the SR20 swap later in the year, with the help of my friend's shop, and by then, I'd have a secondary car to drive around in, BUT that would be taking place this summer. I have to have a car now. And I don't like spending money where it goes to waste.

So, here's the dilemma: do I salvage the auto tranny and build up the KA, or do the manual tranny conversion and build up the KA? Either way, I am building up the KA, since I have resolved to drive the Altima into the ground.

If I salvage the auto tranny, how much HP could the auto tranny take? What parts are needed to make it handle extreme amounts of power?

If I perform the tranny swap, what parts are needed? My uncle is a Master Nissan technician who will be performing the work with me, but he doesn't have time to look up what parts are needed. If anyone has done the swap, please list the parts for me. I know that getting the parts will cost more than the car itself (Edmund's appraisal on my car: $1050) but I really love my Altima. Besides, $3000 or $6000 or even $9000 now beats $35,000 over 5 years (G35).

So, if anyone could help me out, I would greatly appreciate it. Who knows, if the costs aren't too expensive, then maybe the SR20 swap may come true after all...
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if you are getting a Master Nissan Tech to do the work for you, might as well do the conversion..

then you can give us a parts estimate, and per him, a labor cost estimate.

then you'd be the 1st (I think) to do it, no.. bs, there was another guy I think that did it here.

as for parts, I don't know.. if I had a 1st Gen manual, I could scan the pages, but I don't.. sorry and good luck.
TopNotchTillIDie did the swap at somepoint last could always buy the rebuild kit from LevelTen...that is what I am going to do this summer.
djsassan said:
tranny, clutch, pedal

haha, it's a hell of alot more than tranny, clutch and pedal. bloobird, email me.
Damn topnotch why dont you get with the moderators and do a Post in the FAQ???
well, I think i've come to the conclusion and decision that I'm going to keep the car an auto, since I figure I have a pretty rare model to begin with. 93 GXE w/ Auto, ABS, 4-disc, and an LSD. I'm going to call Level 10 and ask what else can be done besides plunking down $3200 and getting that bulletproof tranny from them. I'll see if I can just order certain parts to hold me over until i need "bulletproofing".

topnotch till I die - thanks for the reply, but can you email me with the parts list anyway. one of my buddies owns an auto alty and wants to do the conversion
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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