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NISSAN ALTIMA 2002-2006​

This guide is basically an extension of step 14 in Umnitza's DDE guide. I will show you step by step of how to hook up your DDE's as DRL(daytime running lights) and/or with a switch if so desired. This can all be done without the DDE kit.

There are basically 3 options: Option A - fog light switch, Option B - DRL's no switch, Option C - DRL's w/ switch.

You will need the following set of tools before proceeding.
  • wire strippers
  • philips head screwdriver
  • flathead screwdriver
  • 18-22 gauge copper wire
  • wire taps
  • quick-disconnects male and female
  • switch(optional)
Option A - fog light switch (easiest, fastest, and requires NO tools)
*Not applicable to those with no fog lights obviously.
  1. Take your remote wire and insert the male connector into the wire tap shown below.
  2. Locate the driver's fog light harness that plugs into the fog light bulb. There should be a red(positive) wire. Clip your wire tap onto that wire.
  3. Done!! You can now turn on your DDE's using your fog light switch.
Option B - DRL's no switch
  1. Extend your remote wire by adding on sufficient wire to go into the cabin. Strip and crimp on a female quick disconnect at one end of the wire. Connect that to the remote wire and route the other end into the cabin.
  2. I will leave the routing part up to you as there are several ways of doing this. Most common and easiest is through the driver's hood latch. Use an old dip stick or snake to fish the wire though inside the cabin.
  3. Now the removal of the lower steering wheel column.
    First, pry off the A/C center bezel using your fingers.

    Second, remove both screws and pry the whole piece out towards you and disconnect the dimmer switch using your flat head.

    You can now remove the piece and set them aside.
  4. Locate the small wiring harness attached directly underneath the ignition. Again use your flat head to disconnect the plug.
  5. Locate a red stripped wire on the ignition harness, this will be your 12v source for DRL's. Take your fuse tap and clip it on the wire.
  6. Strip and crimp a male quick disconnect on the wire you just routed into the cabin. Insert into the ignition fuse tap.
  7. Done!! This will turn on your DDE's as DRL's. Keep in mind your engine doesn't have to be running for them to be on. As long the key is turned in the ignition so that all your ICE(indoor car electronics) is on, so will your DDE's. So you can use it for show if you wish.
Option C - DRL's w/ switch (optional switch required)
*I will be using an SPDT switch, you can use any other switch you desire but the wiring maybe a little different. Switch wiring diagrams are usually on the box or included.
  1. Follow steps 1-5 from Option B
  2. Strip and crimp a female quick disconnect on the wire you just routed into the cabin.
  3. Your SPDT switch should have 3 prongs on the back of it. TOP, BOTTOM, and MIDDLE. The middle prong is usually the 12v source and the top/bottom is the switched source(remote wire from DDE harness). Take your SPDT switch and insert the extended remote wire into either the top or bottom prong, usually the bottom(off position)(trial and error since there are different types of switches).
  4. Take about 4ft of wire and strip both ends. Crimp one end with a male and the other with a female quick disconnect. Connect the end with the female quick disconnect into the middle prong of the switch. Connect the other end(male) into the fuse tap at the ignition source.
  5. Done!! You now have the extra option of turning off your DDE's as DRL's.
*The connections I chose for the write up are for simplicity purposes. You don't have to use quick disconnects, you can use soldering, splice w/ electrical tape, crimp caps etc.. I leave that choice up to you.
**On all SPDT switches there are 3 prongs 12v in, appliance out, and a ground. The ground is not necessary unless it controls something on the switch itself, i.e. a lighted switch like shown above. Simple add-on a ground connection the left over prong and it should light up.
***If I have made any mistake or any part of the instructions are unclear please pm me and I will fix it.


UPDATED Rev. 3 July 6, '06
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