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Directions for you guys...

Here are the directions for installing speakers in the back of your seats for all of you who want them when you get it done post pics and let me see your finished product

Directions on how to install speakers in the back of your seats for First gen possibly Second gen

NOTE: easy to do when you actually get started but directions are right on the money

Things you need:
1. Drill with drill bit
2. Phillips screw driver
3. Speaker screws.
4. Something to cut with

1. First pull your seat up as far as you can get it and then pull the latch on the side and move it up all the way the back of the seat should be straight up.

2. Go to the back of the seat and there is a square piece and at the top there are two metal small thin pieces that help to latch the piece on the back of the seat. At the bottom of it there is two white pegs that hold it in.

3. Here is where you take the back of it off grab the top of the square piece and pull be careful when doing this so you don't tear the seat when you can see where the metal pieces are starting to get harder to get off put your finger down and push the metal pieces downward so they don't put anymore stress on the material. After getting the metal pieces undone (they are connected to the piece) you need to be careful and this is where you take off the bottom part where the pegs are you need to hold on to the bottom and pull hard but be careful when doing this because you may break the peg there are two of them one on the right side and one on the left. (if you do break them then just go to the local salvage yard and do this step again and get another peg)

4. After you do this you need to take this piece and take off the fabric or whatever it is off of the square piece.

5. After that you need to draw a circle that is about 5.75 in. in diameter and cut this out (you may need to keep trimming on this it may not be big enough but I highly recommend that you do it at 5.75 in because if not then you will cut it to big and you will have to go to a salvage yard and get another back) if you need to trim then do very little at a time and put the speaker in there to see if it fits snugly.

6. Now you are ready to actually mount your speaker in the seat which takes this right here you need to get your drill and place your speaker in the whole and then drill holes where the holes are on the speaker when you get this done then you need to have the speaker mounted on your board.

7. Now that you have the speaker mounted you need to put the fabric back on the board which is easy just get a stapler and place it back on there and staple it back on (staple on the back)

8. When you get done here you need to drill holes. To do this you need to get your speaker grill holder and place it over the speaker as you would for anywhere else you would put it and drill holes to make this attach on top of the fabric. When you get this done this should look like it did but only with a speaker in it.

9. Now its time to run the speaker wire, hook the speaker wire up to the speaker.

10. When you get this done its time to place it back in there when you do this at the bottom of the opening run the wire down on the bottom left take it through there and let it hang.

11. When this is accomplished its time to put it back in to do this you need to push the pegs back in this will take more than just a little push but you can hit it to get it in there not hit it but force it in with your palm. When you get both pegs in the metal pieces on the top of the board you need to push them down a little bit when you put this back in you will push the metal parts back up in the seat itself there is a metal piece up in there a little bit you need to stick the metal pieces on the board and stick it right in front of the metal piece and push up. (much easier to understand when you are doing it)

12. After you get it in you need to get the speaker wire you took to the bottom of the seat (this is much easier too when you do it) the length of the speaker wire depends on if you are running it to an amp under your seat or running it back to the back where you rear deck speakers are either way works fine I have had it both ways I would rather have it on an amp but then again I have subs so.

13. You are now finished with one side now do the right or left side which ever you did first and repeat the same steps as you did for the one you just did if you do the left then run the speaker wire down the bottom left and when you do the right run it down the bottom right side.

14. Now that you are finished you now have a finished product that not only looks good but you have an original idea that looks good and will do you some good in shows!!

Note: Never tried this on a second gen but if you do it post pics and let me see.
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