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I don't know what year your car is, or if the procedure differs much between first and second gen, but to remove the door panels on my 94, I had to do the following:

1. remove 3 screws along bottom portion of door panel
2. (regarding door handle you use to pull door shut) pop out plastic screw cover w/ small flathead screwdriver, remove screw, remove handle
3. (regarding handle used to open door) remove screw holding plastic surrounding bezel, un-snap bezel, hold lever open and slide bezel out
(note:be very careful as this piece can break easily while un-snapping it from the door panel, use a flathead screwdriver and pry at each side of it evenly, or the clips may break)
4. Remove window/lock switch panel and unplug wires (I don't recall exactly which direction to pull the panel, I believe you pull it towards the rear of the car then lift up, but not sure)
5. Remove round, plastic snap-on clip from rear portion of panel, near where the locking mechanism is
6. Grab the lower portion of the door panel and pull it away from the door, it is held in by numerous plastic clips, it should "snap" off
7. Lift upward and remove, it hooks onto the upper portion of the door by the window

The procedure is the same for the passnager side door, except that there is a plastic screw cover below the door handle (the one used to close the door). Remove the cover and the screw beneath it. Also, gently remove the power window control with a small flathead screwdriver and remove the screw located behind the switch, unplug the switch. These instructions are assuming that you don't have manual roll-up/down windows, in which case you may need a special tool to remove a clip at each roll-up/down handle. I don't think I forgot anything, hopefully this helps.
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