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ECU for 97 Altima (JWT)

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For those with 97's and are discouraged b/c there is no way to do the ecu for your year car, it can be done...

maybe some you don't know, but it can be done. This is all you gotta do to make it work:

buy a 95 or 96 ecu from a junkyard, should be no more than $200 if ya shop around nationally. Get the corresponding rear o2 sensor for the year ecu you got. Send it to JWT, tell them what you have and what you're doing, and they'll hook you up with what they do. They'll send you a wiring diagram when they ship the ecu back. There's just 3 wire changes in the harness. Take 3 wires out of there locations, and place them in other spots. Then, a simple wire change at the rear o2, under the car. That's it!

So it is possible and can be done if any ya 97 owners want to do it. I imagine it would close to the same for the 98 too, so call JWT and ask for Ben. He's the man and knows his shit.

95 or 96 ecu
corresponding rear o2
3 wire changes in the harness
1 wire change at the o2
and you've an ECU upgade from JWT
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97+ altimas should be the same. Hmm, I wonder if it will work.
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