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eibach sportline vs H&R sport

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wel i am not talking about the springs for altima
say both of eibach sportline and H&R sport have the same drop 1.5/1.4
which one has better quality?
or will settle more?
which one should i get..?
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Sportlines are not offered......sorry
Re: Re: eibach sportline vs H&R sport

Parsec said:

AlienAlt: are you saying that sportlines are not offered for any application then? :rolleyes:

Heh....sorry i didn't read the post carefully.....they are not available for alty's.......from what I know from VW guys, HR's are the least in the circuit coil over area.......Eibach are great the same category, or type that you are talking about i'd say that the brands are pretty even.....great quality.:cool:
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