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Engine trouble codes.. :(

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My service engine lamp turned on about a week ago and these are the trouble codes that I get.. Anybody have any experience with them? or any advice?

1003 - Park/neutral switch
0705 - EVAP system
0309 - Vent control valve

This is an Altima 98 SE - 5 spd.

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Nissan engine codes
10 RPM Signal
11 Crank Angle Circuit
12 Air Flow Meter Circuit
13 Engine Temp. Sensor Circuit
14 Vehicle Speed Sensor Circuit
21 Ignition Signal Missing In Primary Coil
31 ECU
32 EGR Function
33 Exhaust Gas Sensor Circuit
34 Knock Sensor Circuit
35 Exhaust Gas Temp. Sensor Circuit
43 Throttle Sensor Circuit
45 Injector Leak
55 No Malfunction In Above Circuits
These are all of the codes I know hope it can help.
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EVAP and Vent Control codes are most often set from either filling the gas tank with the car running, leaving your gas cap loose or off, or a bad seal on the cap.

your car uses an OBD II system so you'll need scan tool to reset it.

Sink :cool:
I have the same situation:
0309 (3 long 9 short)
0705 (7 long 5 short)

Did you solve this problem? If yes, how. I don't know what to do. I reset the ECU(using screwdriver, you don't need scan tool, I have 98 GXE), but in couple days it is on againg.
Nope, I havn't figured it out yet.. I'm finally going to take it to the mechanic in a few days.. Have you fixed yours?
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