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2002 Modifications Currently Available

This thread is created to help answer some of the repetitive questions on where can I get the Stillen Grill or a Cold Air Intake. If you have any questions about warranty issues, Click here. If you are thinking of invoking the Lemon Law, read Flarearrow's story here.

Remember, this thread will grow. If you have an update, please post. I will most likely copy your information and add it to this list, so this thread will not become too difficult to look through. Thanks, and here we go!!

Changing Out Bulbs - This seems to be one of the first modifications people choose to do. Instructions on how to change out bulbs can be found here. If you're installing aftermarket HID lights, you might want to check out this thread as well. For a list of what bulbs you need, check out this thread.

Stillen Grill (as seen on the Orange 2002 Altima) - Now Available

Some pics: (scottlny)

Active Tuning Sports Grille - Now Available

Altimat Grill - No, this is not a restaurant, but another sleek looking grill. More info here!!

Warm Air Intake - There are a few options here.
1. JWT Pop Charger - This is a universal K&N type cone filter attached to your intake pipe with the factory air filter box removed.
2. Frankencar Intake (click here for their website) They use the same K&N type filter, but replace some of the factory plastic intake pipe with metal.
3. Free WAI modification - (click here for instructions) - Basically, you just remove the ram air piece of plastic and tape over the resonator hole in the airbox. Replace factory air filter with drop in K&N for better performance.

What is a WAI?

Cold Air Intake - Look here for info on the Injen CAI. Place Racing also makes a CAI. Get info, instructions, price and phone number here. AEM has also produced a Cold-Air system.

Some have also made their own by using smooth tubing ducted from their fog light holes. They obviously don't have fog lights. Do a site search if you want more information.

Cold Air Intake HOME MADE - Click here for the write up!

SuperCharger/Turbo - There is talk of creating a custom set up. It won't be cheap. About $4000. Read more about it here.

Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing Differential - Talk of developing this Differential is very strong. We need your support to bring this product to market. Find out what you can do by clicking here! (submitted by Altimat)

2.5 Headers - Click here for info.
Check out some pictures AND video by reading this thread! (submitted by ThaiBruin)

3.5 Headers - NOT AVAILABLE


CoilOver Springs - NOT AVAILABLE... but will be soon. Right now, it is speculated that the coilovers that are being made are using the factory struts.

Genuine NISMO Performance Parts - NOW AVAILABLE!!! If you do not know, NISMO is the performance devision of Nissan Motors. Up until now these parts were only available in Japan. Tischer Nissan is the only one to date who has mentioned working on getting these parts at their delership. You can call their parts department at 301-498-3322. Click here for more info.
Other dealers who frequent the site will surely let us know when they are made available also! (submitted by JRC)

Stillen Ground Effects Kit (as seen on the Orange 2002 Altima) - This can be ordered from Stillen. Click on the advertising banner to find out their phone number.

Aftermarket Leather Seats - makes an excellent aftermarket leather seat. You can get it in two tone leather also for no extra charge, as well as embroidery on the two front seats. Click here to see Altimat's leather seats and a great write up on how to put them in yourself!

Aftermarket Wood Dash Kit - Avialable through or on ebay. Comes in light color like factory, a dark color wood, and brushed aluminum look. Click here for a thread showing the light color dash kit. For close up pictures, CLICK HERE.

Aftermarket Brushed Aluminum Dash Kit - Check out the picture here, and get more information! (submitted by GTW00)

Eibach Lowering Springs - $210! Click here for more info. Performance struts to go with these springs not yet available. For a great write up on how to install them, click here.(submitted by Altimat)

H&R Lowering Springs - Offering an average drop of 1.3 in the front and 1.5 in the rear. Not recomended to put these springs on with factory struts. Click here for H&R info. (submitted by rpny)

Sprint Lowering Springs - More springs!! Check it out!

Trenz Grill (click here for picture) - $190. Includes Shipping. Click here for more information

Stillen Exhaust - These are only the two mufflers for the 3.5SE, but WOW are they nice. Chrome with a life time warranty. For more info, CLICK HERE!!! To see these babies installed, go here QUICKLY! (submitted by OhTwoAltimaSE)

Cat Back Exhaust Mossy Performance Exhaust Systems - Available pre-made through Mossy Nissan in Oceanside California. Gen 2 of the system is now available. It is now mandrel bent. Includes everything necessary to install. Contact [email protected] or call him at 760-720-7856 or 1-866-55MOSSY.

Custom Exhaust - Check out Altimat's custom exhaust work here!!!
Check out SE-Rious' custom exhaust set up here. They are nice!

Aftermarket Radio Dash Kit - $14.95 From American International. Click here for more information. Someone reported their local Best Buy having them. -- For some shots of a great install, check this thread out and go to the website in the first link! (submitted by ROK)

Aftermarket Radio Wiring Harness - DON'T CUT ANY PLUGS OFF OF THE WIRING HARNESS WHEN YOU REMOVE YOUR FACTORY RADIO!!! You can go to Best Buy or any stereo store and by a harness that wires to the aftermarket head unit allowing you to plug your new radio into the plugs that were previously attached to the Altima stereo. To learn more about it, read this thread. WARNING: Installing aftermarket radio disables trip computer. To enable it again, click here for instructions.

Trunk Amps Power Cable - If you need to know how to run a power wire from the engine compartment to the trunk without cutting, look at these instructions. (submitted by boominstereo)

OEM Nissan Fog Light Kit (click here to see info) - $160-$200 price range. Look around at some of the dealers providing other parts on this web site for discounts to members.
AltiPaul Posted that he got his at Town North Nissan: David Burnette in particular. His price is better than most. ~$160. I think the list price is around $199.00. His # is 800-251-7278. Click here for AltyPaul's install instructions.

Aftermarket Fog Light Kit - For about $30 and some zip-ties, you can add aftermarket fog lights from Pep Boys. Get the scoop here!

884 Posts
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Factory Styled Spoilers - The best deals I have seen on these are from searching on ebay. It seems that you can get an exact copy of the factory spoiler for around $145 un-painted and $199 painted.
Also, scottlny brought to my attention that has them for $115 (USD) unpainted and $199 (USD) painted. He says it looks great! Click here for pictures.

Flip Top Trunk Lid - Enforcer has done a write up with pictures on how to do the flip top trunk lid modification. It should only cost you roughly $10 to do. Click here to jump to the pictures. (submitted by ENFORCER)

Performance Computer Chip - JET makes a computer chip that removes the rev limiter, but has not yet been proven to increase horsepower. Click here for more info.

On-Board Computer Diagnostic Interface - PPT has produced a product that allows an interface between a personal computer and a vehicle's OBDII diagnostic port. It allows you to read out trouble codes when your "check engine" light comes on. You can also clear these codes. You can retrieve pretty much any piece of OBDII mandated diagnostic data from your vehicle. Check out this thread for more info! There may be a group buy set up! (submitted by JEstr)

Adjustments to Computer Settings (must be performed by the dealer) - There are adjustments the dealer can make to your car, such as how long the head lights stay on in Auto-Off mode after you park your car, the length of time you have to hold the trunk release button on your key fob to open the trunk, as well as other settings. To find out more information about this, click here!

Subframe Connectors - Warp Speed Performance has developed SubFrame connectors to reduce body roll. To view the thread discussion, Click here. For some pictures, Click here.

Adding Side Marker Lights - Check out Ritepina's car. He explains how he added side marker lights in this thread.

Changing The Color Of Lights In Door Switches - Djliquidice had done a nice write up on how to change the color of the LED lights behind the switches on your doors. Find out how to do it here! (submitted by djliquidice)

Clearing Amber Lenses Out Of Headlights - If you don't like the amber look in your front lights, they can be removed with a little heat and a lot of patience! Check out this thread for more info on how to do it!

Blacking out the 2002 Altima - Going for that stealth look? Stay off military radar screens by blacking out the chrome on your Black Altima. Check out the pictures!

Short Throw Shifter - Currently there is not a manual transmission short throw shifter that you can buy, but it is easy to turn your factory one into a short throw. All you need is a welder! Click here to see how! (submitted by AlphaFox)

Wheel/Tire Sizes - Need to know what rim/tire will fit? Question about offset? Here are some threads that will help.... Tire Fitment ..... Maximum Tire Size

Unorthodox Crank Pulley - Reduce the amount of power that the accessories rob from your engine. Get more information here!

Sound Deadening - Road noise too much for you? Click here for some ideas on how to make your Alty quieter! (submitted by ComputerTime)

Sunroof One Touch Window Opener - This has not been confirmed as working just yet. However, if you want to take a look at the discussion, click here!

Front License Bracket Hole Plugs - For filling in the holes left by the dealer installing a front license plate bracket. Click here for more info (submitted by Wild Willy)

Fancy Battery Tie Down - You can dress up your engine bay with one of these.
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