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F/S: 16" BSA 802 Wheels & Tires

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Hey what's up all? This is what I am selling:

16" 4 x100/114 BSA 802's
195/50/16 Nankang EX500 Performance Tires.
Complete with Silver Lugs & Gorilla Locks

The tires are in great condition with only 3,000 miles on them, and these rims and tires were purchased on 7/24/2001 so they are a little bit over 3 months old. I would prefer to sell to someone in Florida to avoid all of the problems with shipping. Here is a picture of the rims from BSA's site:

BSA 802 - I think that's the chrome version though.

Here are pics of it on my car (well soon to be former car):

Diag View 1

Diag View 2

Close Up Of Rim

Side View 1

I would like to get $450 for the set Email me at: [email protected] if your interested.
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*bump* I figure everyone else is doing, so why shouldn't i? LOL :)
does it come with the center caps? don't like the exposed lugnuts....
No the center cap only covers the middle, the lugnuts are exposed.
hey email me at [email protected] im interested. $450 shipped.
As stated above, I'm only dealing with Local (florida) people. I'm not dealing with the problems of shipping.
thats not an altima. what is it? toyota?
thats not an altima. what is it? toyota?
it's a toyota corolla. And those wheels will fit an altima, they are universal 4 lug
Thanks for answering the question for me 95_xe :)
I have a friend whos is very intrested. Email him the final price at a 30043 zip. He has the greens man, don't miss out!!:D

[email protected]
30043? Is that in Florida? Because if it's not, sorry I'm not interested. I'm willing to meet people half way if they are in Florida. But that's it. Sorry.
Yeah i looked it up and noticed it was close ATL. I don't you or your friend would be willing to drive down to say Central Florida for the rims and tires huh? :)
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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