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18in Chrome TSW Spirits for sale w/tires

what up everyone. Its been a month or so since i have been on the site but everythings lookin cool. Anyway down to business, i'm selling the chromes to move on to 19in deep dish racing harts. Email me with any questions you might have. The set is 4 months old... wrapped in falken GrB's 215/40/18. Tires are mint(one tire is even brand new, not even on, because i ran over a nail and had to buy a new tire)... Rims are sick gleaming, poking out. One rim has a slight scratch that u have to bend down and get on ur knees to see. Serious people only, i dont want emails asking for the set for a thousand bucks. The rims are 4 in change a piece brand new and the tires are 180 a piece. So do the math and take a little off because they are used. I'm gonna see if this thing at the bottom will let me post pics, if not. just email me with questions at [email protected]
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