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I am selling my infinity kappa's 6x9's. I recently got them from a close friend of mine for $120..they are practically Brand new. Only 6 mos. old. He got rid of them cause his lease is up.

Here is what they look like. Notice the price for them brand new:

I was going to install them in my alty but I am not up to it so they are just sitting here.

I am not looking to make profit at all. I am just looking to get my money back and give them to someone who needs them.

So I will part with them for $120 or better offer. Throw me some prices people....

I am not trying to screw anyone over, I have been on for a looong time and I stand behind these speakers 100%.

post here or e-mail me at [email protected].


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Parsec said:
wait a sec. please tell me that 6x9 isn't for altimas? cuz i just bought a pair of 6.5" and another pair of 5x7 kappas for my 1st gen. can someone tell me if i bought the right sizes?
1st gen GLE's with the amplified system came with 6x9 in the rear and probably 6.5 components up front
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