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I'm selling my car for what I owe, I can't afford the payments on it anymore and I would like to flat out buy something cheap. I'll be driving my roommates Civic until I get another car. I need 6 grand to pay it off. By the time I sell it, if I get 6 grand I'll fix what needs to be fixed. I'm selling it AS IS. Which means all this is included.

5.6 inch clear vision TV screen
Panasonic 4 head HI-FI VCR
Panasonic 400U flip face CD player
blue and gold painted dash
custom cat back piping with DynoMax turbo II exhaust with Remus tip.

It's got ABS and 4 wheel discs but still has stock steelies and hubbies.
the airbag light is blinking I have no idea what that's about (just being honest)
needs two motor mounts
needs to be painted but I'll throw in the touring wing that I have sitting in my room.
5 speed with 111K miles on it.

I will drive it to where it needs to go (within reason, which means I'm not driving to Cali.)

anyone interested or has questions let me know

[email protected]
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