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Brand new in the box Alpine component set. This set includes a 6.5" driver and a 1" tweeter. They are absolutely incredible!

These things retail for $220.00. You can get them for much cheaper from me! I have only one set....I changed my mind on these and decided to get the $850.00 component set instead.

• Peak Power 200W
• 50W RMS Power
• Frequency Response: 35Hz – 35kHz
• Bass Engine Ready
• Lightweight Air Injected Rubber Surround
• Hybrid Composite Resin Cone
• 25mm Feather Light Silk Dome Tweeter
• I-Drive Low Distortion Circuit (Wf/Tw)
• Large Woofer Magnet
• Flush/Angle/Surface Tweeter Mounting for more details....

I am asking $140 shipped.....

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Hmm.. does it make sense to have 2 sets of components? Does it help or hinder SQ? I have a pair of MB Quart reference premium compents in the front stage and I want something to match them for the rear. If they can I might be interested.
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