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i used this head unit for about 4 months and has no scratches or marks. comes with all origenal parts like the remote and protective cd face cover. this was last years last year top of the line model for panasonic. retail value is $287.99 and discount audio stores will charge you ~$265. I'm Asking $200 shipped. for even more info and pictures, go to
PLEASE E-MAIL ME if you are interested. i am unable to check replies to this posting b/c i work a lot.

panasonic CQ-DF800U
has a built in dimmer that has three different settings(very cool).
4-channel + center channel high-power
amp (47W x 4 + 5W max.)
MOS FET output stage
3-DSB II (3 Dimensional Surround & Super Bass) with center speaker-out
5V high voltage front/rear dual preamp-outs (low impedance 60 ohms, pigtail/gold-plated)
Non-fading 5V high voltage subwoofer-out (low impedance 60 ohms, pigtail/gold-plated)
Rear panel AUX input
24-disc title memory
Hologram pickup
One-chip digital circuit
12-track direct access, track scan, search, repeat, and random play
18 FM and 6 AM presets with preset scan
Metallic Day & Night design
Super bright multi-color display with dimmer
Spectrum analyzer (8band/5-pattern, off)
Open face CD access
Wireless remote
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