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FOr sale, Panasonic CQ-DF801U

Product Description
4-channel high power amp (60W x 4 max.).
MOS-FET output stage.
Super High Definition Bass (S-HDB).
5V high voltage front/rear dual preamp-outs (low impedance 60 ohms, pigtail/goldplated).
Non-fading 5V high voltage subwoofer-out (low impedance 60 ohms, pigtail/gold-plated).
AUX input.
Playback compatible with digital audio CD-R (when disc is finalized).
Hologram pickup.
One-chip digital circuit.

one button shows minor wear, the headunit retailed for 449 when it was released, i see it going now for also comes with a slim remote

im asking 175.oo
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