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SE side skirts: $130.00 obo
-the pic of these are on the sig.

Weather Tech Trunk Mat: $45.00 obo
- retail 89+shipping. you can find a pic on

Silencer Board w/ burton Bindings combo: $250.00 obo
-board is retail $300, bindings retail maybe $50

Rockford Fosgate Headunit RFX-8120: $200.00 obo
- The pic is of model RFX-8115. The screen and buttons light up either green or orange and it reads all cds and connects to a cd changer. retail $590.00

Aiwa Headunit $160.00 obo
Only had for 1 months will get back with pics and specs also.

Erebuni 905 Front $250.00 obo
Brand new still in packaging. Had to buy the entire kit in order to get the rear and side skirts from it. I liked the stillen front better.

If interested at all or any questions on the products please send me an email or PM. Im willing to work with prices on all products

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Hey Matt, I have an idea!!!!! Why don't you take them off there??? All you need is a screwdirver and something like a plastic picnic knife to take them off. That way you won't have to lay them on the leather:p

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RAltimaSE said:
hey good idea. i already thought of that but if the erebuni's get mounted before i sell these then i was wondering how to transport them.

hey i have idea mike!! lets take your truck. :D
the sideskirts fit nicely though the skipass, you won't have to take out your backseat and metal wall. Just wrap them up (lots of cling wrap will do) if you don't want it to dirty your interior .. you might have to take your sub box out if you have one.
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