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F/S: Stock Motor Mounts for cheap

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For Sale: Stock Motor Mounts for cheap

Ok. $60 for my stock front and back motor mounts shipped. They are stock and like new. If your car has bad mounts or you think they are going bad buy these! Email me at [email protected]. Paypal payment is at the same address.
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hey buddy im very interested in buying them but id like to know is there a difference in the PRI ones and stock well and price too i know one from the dealer is about 80 bucks sooo yeah but i am interested but if the PRI ones are cheaper and help at all then id prob just go with those but i dont really wanna sped 80 bucks on a piece of rubber well thanks -Jon
I got the pr motor mounts. They are decent and make alittle more power to the wheels. They run about $160 shipped I believe. My mounts are in really good shape. The mechanic said they were perfect and I didnt even need to change them. But I did anyway cause my clutch died and my higher stage clutch needed the pri's. Email me at [email protected]. Money order or check is also good for payment.
well then it looks like im gonna go ahead and take yours off your hands would you e-mail me cause the email thing on the site wont let me use it but what ever and 60 shipped to STL is ok with you ill send a check when we get it all figured out well thanks a lot and about how many miles did you have on these mounts i have about 82000 and my rear one is cracked well let me know my e-mail adress is [email protected]
im also in AOM IM if you wanna talk my SN is toyoman17 thanks
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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