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Here is detailed instructions on how to get your body side moldings off. Make it look like this:

Rather than this:

To start off the easiest way to do it is get a heat gun and "Goof Off". If your car has been painted, I wouldn't try this. If it hasn't been painted, then any discoloring shouldn't be noticed by the naked eye. There are no holes left behind. I started on the small part in front of the front door. Heat it up, and pull on it. If you keep the heat gun on it, most of the sticky tape underneath will come off. Then start on the door pieces. Once again keep the heat gun close and pull the molding off the car slowly. The more you heat it up, the easier the tape comes off. Do the same all the way around. Once you get them all off, take your Goof Off, or whatever adhesive remover you prefer, and get the sticky stuff off. Then you are done.
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