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I bought a 2011 3.5SR sedan last July with 16k miles on it (just under 22k now). Carfax had all maintenance records from first owner (just general service stuff to that point) but Ive had a few things come up.

Right after buying it I had to get the AC compressor replaced, covered under third party warranty. Ive always gone to the same Nissan dealership and they treat me well (as well as a dealership should be expected to anyway).

At 20K I had next oil change, and a couple weeks later my service engine light came on. Brought it in, and they said it was an old stored code (P0011), and they didn't see anything wrong at this point. The mechanic said he noticed carbon deposits and recommended oil cleaner ($130) and air induction cleaning ($130). I held off at this point, and was told to let them know if the light came back on.

About two weeks later it came back on and the following was done under original warranty.
"Code returned oil level good bank 1 for oil pressure for intake cam actuator is lower then bank 2. Found code P0011. Found oil gallery gasket blown out in rear timing cover, replaced rear timing cover. Cleared codes."
Parts listed are "Seal O rings, cover assembly front, seal oil canksh, threebond 1217h, Nissan long life, thermo gasket, thermo gasket, gasket water inl, gasket oil pan."

Do I need to worry about any of this? Also after picking up the car, it seems like the engine is slightly louder, and cruise control on the highway at 70 has me revving around 2100rpm, when I remember it being under 2000rpm before. The car did seem more responsive though.

I also notice when outside the car with my head low (like if I open the door and stick my head out) I can hear a buzzing that sounds kind of like the fuel pump buzz I hear when pressing the start button twice without starting the engine. But its a constant noise. I've set up to take it back on Monday, and was planning to have them take care of the carbon deposits stated from above as well.

Ive also been getting very bad gas mileage. I leased a 2013 3.5SV, and expected maybe 1-2 mpg less on average (my yearly average for the 13 was 25.5, highway trips got 32) but I was getting 19-20 in the summer, and now getting 16-18 in the winter. Doesn't matter if I drive as softly as possible, or have it in S with hard accelerating often, I get in those ranges every time. Best I saw in the summer time with 90% highway 68mph average was 23.

On another note, I also want to fix my rear swaying, and get a few other small things done. I was going to order the Stillen rear sway bar with end links, and racingline front strut bar. Especially on the highway any kind of bump has the car rocking side to side very noticeably.

I'm having the brake fluid flushed as well, and figured it would be a good time to get steel braided brake lines, so I have the Goodridge brake line kit in my cart as well. Which fluid should I get to go with them, and how much do I need for a flush?

Last thing I'm concerned with right now, is I have a very heavy sub/box in the trunk, 150-200lbs, and the bottom end sits about 1-1.5in lower then normal. With two normal weight people in the back, or a trip to Costco for grocery shopping, its enough to lower it where I cant fit my hand between the tire and rear quarter wheel arch. Do I have to go coilovers, or is there a cheaper set of higher strength springs I can get? Its wearing the inside of my rear tires fairly quickly.

Sorry for all the questions, I just want to get all of this taken care of as soon as possible so I can return to enjoying the car for a long period of time.
Thank you for any input.
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