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Well this is a bad story and not really anything that I understand but it is my first time so I guess the confusion makes some sense.

What happend was I was alone driving up an 10 degree incline going home with my air conditioning full blast and my car in automatic with traction control on and just not ready to race when I come up on some slower cars. It is a two lane road. I am in the right lane and slowing down for a red honda that is ahead of me but in the left lane is a late model Mitsubishi (I think Diamante) and he sees me coming in his rear view so he steps on it and starts to go. Obviously my way around the honda is to follow him so I go into the left lane and go around the honda and back into the right lane and the Mit is now about 5 car lengths ahead of me so I punch it to catch up. I start pulling on him a little, not a lot but I was coming up and then we hit a turn which by this time we were both at about 100MPH. I was not sure how my car was going to handle it at 100 and I don't think he knew his car either so we both kinda slowed down and I caught up a little more then as we both realized that we could handle the turn ok, we both went again and at this time I was still in auto with my air on and my car was shifting back and forth from 5th to 4th back and forth but I was at this time about 1 car lenght behind him so I could see him looking at me in his rear view mirror kinda at an angle. So there was more people in my lane but a third lane opened up on the right (which is the lane I need to go to my housing tract) so I pulled into it and gave it full throttle again and started to catch him but then a white flatbed truck came over into my lane so I had to slow down AGAIN and then my turn came up.

Cliffs: Saw what I think was a latemodel (2004) Diamante. (I think)
Uphill two lane street with lite traffic.
My car was not race ready (had air on etc) but I didn't care.
Tried to pass him but all I could do was creep up on him.
MPH somewhere over 100 but did not hit my 115 governor.
Some light traffic made it hard to get a good run at him but not an excuse.

I would have liked to have had a clear win which I don't think was the case. :(
He probably drove home thinking he stayed ahead of me thus he won.

P.S. I still don't know for sure what kind of Mitsubishi it was. It was slightly smaller than my car and it was a 4 door sedan. Looked nice and sporty. Rounded body lines not boxy like the evo.

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You'll get another chance...

Maybe not with that particular Diamante, but with another one.

Not to threadjack, but the other day I was at a light and a V6 Accord (sedan) was behind me. I am 5SPD, and of course, she is AUTO. The light changed, I took off as normal, and she proceeded to put car lenghts on me by going around me and taking off like a bat out of hell. I didn't follow--had a hard day at work and was really tired.

Wishes/Dreams: She probably thinks that she beat a V6 Altima and those things are so slow.

Reality Check: I wasn't racing her at all and didn't accelerate like I was trying to race.

PS I did attempt to try and put her back in her place, but by then she was turning left at a light... :( Wanted to set her str8!!!
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