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Good morning and Happy Holidays all!
Got into a brand new 2019 SR w/ VC Turbo this past weekend, as the Nissan dealership near me was trying to push all of the `19s off the lot. I have enjoyed it so far, much different from my `05 SE-R that I had back in the day.
My question for those of you who have owned, currently own, or are very educated on this particular car: is there anything I should be aware of? To be more specific:

1. Are there any general maintenance things I should be acutely aware of in the first year of ownership? Besides the synthetic oil change every 10k miles and such. How long would you break in the engine?
2. Any hidden or neat features that you enjoy about the car?
3. Anything you would like to convey to a new owner having had a `19 with the VC turbo engine?

I really enjoyed my `05 SE-R and ended up building it pretty nicely with an aftermarket CAI, down pipe, headers and exhaust. However, my high school/college years are over so it was time to move on.

Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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