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i had this posted in general, but i thought it would be better suited for this forum ...

helix031 said:
:D did it all today. between 12 and 12

if u wanna do it, Piece of cake. first u need to read this thread

How to Dismantle Dash

to know how to take apart front dash. :) thxn to krackmnkysnick for that thread.

To paint the dask its simple.
Wet Sand (We used 300 grit wetsand sandpaper)
Primer (2 coats)
Paint (4 coats)
ClearCoat (4 coats)

and replace everything.

Boriqua has a good thread on how to swap AC and Radio compartments.

How to swap AC controls and Radio

I found an easier way to do the swap tho. He had to cut into his AC vents go get his radio to fit. Thats unavoidable if u radio to really long. I didnt have to do it. So far only sony HUs have the problem.
To hold the radio in place in the ACC slot, use the Cage that came with the radio. You have to sand the side about 2 MM wider to fit the radio into the ACC slot. Once its in there. It should be a snug fit and the radio is going nowhere.

To put the ACC in the Radio cage, you need to cut the brackets off the ACC will fit in the cage, tightly and it will leave the top just a little bit too open to fit into the space. so all u do is fold in the bracket from the cage which wont let it slide into place. Once its folded in, slide it back and screw in the remaining 5 screws.

the cage should be pressing the ACC in tight, so it wont budge from there. u would always, if u wanted weld or soder some L braces into the cage to hold the back of the ACC in place, so it wont slide back.

I also changed the Lights in the back of the guages to red 194 LEDs. To do that all you have to do it remove the center console, and there should be four orange brownish lookin clips behind the guages panel. twist them off and u have the clear 194s there. Replace them with LEDs of ur color choice
You should sand the round edge of the LED flat so it spreads the lights out more evenly, and u avoid hotspots on the instrument panel.

Replace the Covers. and ur done... here are some pics of my work.

The Dismantled Dash:

Painting The Dash:

Finished Product:

Sorry about the Darkness, ill take some pics in the sunlight tomm.

Daylight Pics.


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