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on my 93 w/120kmi i had a rough engine that was also loud

idling speed was 800 rpm
the car would also run for a second or so after i shut the engine(symptom of high base idle)

i changed the usual stuff-plug wires,rotor,distributor cap
i cleaned the induction body
i also changed the fuel filter

i also troubleshot and changed the ignition coil using the haynes manual

yesterday i checked the base idle using the haynes manual
the base idle was at 900-1000 rpm
i had to turn the idle screw 3/4 of a turn to reduce the idle to about 600 rpm

now the idle is around 700 rpm.engine is much smoother and more importantly quieter

Boosting again!
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i have never changed the fuel filter and it's almost 60k since i got the car. I've also never changed the rotor and distributor cap. I cleaned those and it helped a lot. I really should get new ones though. I think i really need a new o2 sensor(s). I get like 15-17 mpg i feel like.
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