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When I bought the car (01 altima) about 2 years ago it had a terrible idle problem. The owner was convinced the engine was bad.
It ended up being the intake gasket, which I replaced.

Now it's started doing this crap

It will idle fine sometimes then it starts misfiring (flashing cel) and will idle super low like 600 or less and bounce up and down then it smooths out for a bit.

I've sprayed carb cleaner all around up and down making sure it wasn't the intake gasket again which it doesn't seem to be this time.

Just wondering if there are some other things I could be checking.

It did the same thing about 4 months ago or so. I replaced the plugs, pulled the battery off for a while and it was still doing it but randomly stopped a few days later and I had no issues at all until recently.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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