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Wanted to start the post so everyone will have enought time to prepare for the event.
Track will be set up at the Gainesville Raceway Parking lot which is bigger than fairgrounds Size is roughly 600ft X 1500ft so 3rd and 4th gear entries will be done at this parking lot if you have the cahunas for it.
Pre reg will open Jan 1st at 9pm and as usual driver fee is $100 including a mechanic spectators will be $15 and children under 11 free.
gates will open really early since track has to be clear by 5:30pm
Drivers are limited to 50.
Go to Ter-Tech Drifting to Pre Reg.

Florida Drifting Championship series tentative Schedule:

1. ST. Pete IRL/ALMS April 3-5th again should be able to confirm by end of this week

2. May 9th At Palm Beach International Raceway (old Moroso)

3. June 6th at Orlando Speedworld

4. July Gainesville Raceway (cant get a date confirmation from the track)

5. August 15th At Palm Beach International Raceway (old Moroso)

6. September, Seebring or the new Central Florida racetrack possibly if there is enough intrest in the series.

So the 6th event is not for sure yet


Harri Tervola
Ter-Tech, Inc
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