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Hello All!.
Having just recently purchased an Altima, I'm new to the Nissan world and to this site. I'm placing this post here in hopes that the Mods will, if necessary, find a more appropriate forum for it.

I found NISSANCLUB while searching for repair manuals, rather than owner's manuals (Mine actually had the OEM owners books!). So, I found some posts/links referencing repair manuals, but the links invariably led to pay-walls. All my prior searches included some variation of "2008 Nissan Altima 2.5 SL repair manual download"; but when I added "Series L32" I hit the jackpot.

I have zero connection with Cardiagn but it bills itself as "We are always happy to welcome those who wish to educate themselves, save their time and money with useful information about your car! Search, download for free and learn all about the repair of your car with Cardiagn." Side Note: Now retired, I made my career on computing, networking, & Internet/Web technology, and since I never searched using "warez" this site appears totally legit.

At any rate, I just downloaded somewhere North of 1,800 pdf pages, grouped by vehicle sub-systems, of repair info on my car. It's pretty straight-forward, but if anyone needs a hand with downloading (you can read in your browser too), get my attention and I'll help you out.
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