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Recently I lowered my car on Tein S-Tech springs. Since I swapped my springs I've been noticing a clicking sound coming from the front end whenever I go over bumps. It is actually most noticeable when I'm going over really small bumps, like cracks in the road. When I had my alignment done I had the shop check to make sure that I had tightened everything up properly when I put my struts back on, and they said everything seemed to be tight. They thought that it might be my front sway bar bushings.

1) If it was may sway bar bushings why would I only begin to notice it immediately after I lowered my car? If it is my bushings has anyone had experience changing them? Looked around on the forum but didn't find much for 4th gens.
2) I changed my front end links when I was changing my springs because the damn bolts were seized and I had to cut them off. Could new end links have anything to do with it?

If anyone has any ideas as to what it might be I'd appreciate it
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