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5th gen Altima
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So I was wondering about the front lip on a 2017 Altima SV, as well as a rear diffuser. has anyone retrofitted a different vehicles lip or diffuser to fit the 2016-2018? I really like how the 2019-2021 Altima lip looks on ebay and it doesn't break the bank.Would that fit on a '17 you think? It even looks like Stillens lip for the 2016-2018 altima with the same cuts and bends. Is the 2019-2021 front end dimensions the same as the 2016-2018? I'm a bargain shopper for sure, always looking for at least a two or three months before buying mods for my vehicles no matter how big or small because even though I like to find the best deals I won't put just anything on my car and its definitely not the thing to cheap out on unless you want to look like a ricer Fast and the Furious knock-off. Any information would be greatly appreciated and definitely helpful, thank you in advance for the help.

Below is a picture of the 2019-2021 Altima front lip, definitely like the contours of it and again it looks like the Stillen version of the 2016-2018.
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