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Front Radar Obstructed?

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You're driving at 70, interstate, heading west around 10 am. Cloudy day, temp around 80.

Beep! "FEB: Front Radar Obstructed" warning appears on the panel between tach and speedo.

The "collision warning system inactive" icon light comes on.

After a few minutes, the warning message goes off; the collision warning system light goes off.

Happens again after maybe ten minutes.

It never seems to happen on slower, country road driving.

Any ideas?

Tom M.
2018 2.5SV sedan - bought new on July 2!
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If you have the cruise control on but inactive '' cancelled, not switched off completely'' and any solid object get's any closer to the radar, the warning message and the icon of two clashing cars goes off. I had this happen twice to me when I drove inside a closed parking lot and got very close to walls and it all was because of the cruise control was on.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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