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Selling my beloved SE-R...

I got all the factory options you can possibly get on this car. ABS Brakes - Sunroof - Audio Fanatic Sound - Side airbags - Cabin air filter - Floor mats

Best dyno run at 161 HP and 164 TQ at the wheels.
Installed Hotshot Header.
Installed AEM cold air intake in silver.
Installed Thermal R&D cat-back exhaust with mandrel bent stainless steel and single tip muffler.
Installed Eibach Pro-Kit Springs (Part No. 6362.140)
Installed Eibach Front and Rear Sway Bars
Installed Velox VX-6R wheels
Installed Nitto Neo Gen tires
Filled stock F/R motor mounts with 80A grade polyurethane.
Installed Koni Yellows front and rear adjustable dampers.
Rear Beam Bend to Zero Toe-in.

Installed Ichibahn Spot Series pedals in Brushed Aluminum.
Rear windows tinted at 20% (Madico).
Painted front and rear brake calipers red with G2 Caliper Paint Kit.
Painted around shifter, and radio and climate control bezels silver with G2 Interior Paint.
Installed Nissan OEM rear splash guards (Part No. 999J2-LL000S2).
Installed PowerFlow Pro Fit splash guards for front (model #1).
Installed DG Motorsports Carbon Fiber Hood
Installed T-Rex Front Upper and Lower Billet Grilles
Installed Sylvania SilverStar headlight bulbs (size 9007 ST)
Shortened stock antenna to 16".
Installed Sylvania Silverstar signal lights.

All stock parts included EXCEPT the wheels and hood.
32,000 miles.

Selling price:$13,000

PM or email me for more info. I have the title and prefer local sale.
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