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2003 nissan maxima se parts car

for sale whole or as parts.
vin - jn1da31a23t508xxx
wrecked in front
from behind radiator back , all ok.
engine runs, transmission ok.
interior dusty-mold stain on seats.
windows good, sunroof good, doors good, truck lid, rear bumper , radio, dash, glove box, ...
located bedford, indiana. 47421
come get any part you want, cheap. let me know which and i'll send you a pic.
i will remove some parts and mail if it doesn't take to much time.
parts prices will vary but cheap. 10-20 bucks.
you can have the whole car for $300 bucks if you bring a trailer.
only thing i want to keep are the wheels. wheels and tires $200, $450 whole car.
[email protected] com
pictures attached
thanks for reading.

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Maxima floor mats? Trunk support lift? Grill?
He did say smashed from the front to the radiator....I'm guessing the various Grille-ettes will not be of interest.
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