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It's official. I splurged for new rims, so these ones must go asap! I also have tires for sale, which you could purchase together or separately.

19x8 Axis Se7en Mod
5x114.3 bolt pattern
35mm offset
2 1/2" lip/dish

It's a set of 6. These rims are in awesome condition! 3 are Mint, 2 have tiny blems, and 1 has bad curb rash. I've been running these at shows, no problem. Includes all the centercaps and all that.

Retail $380 each x 4 = $1520 (you're basically getting 2 spares)
Asking $1000obo + shipping.

4 Dunlop SP Sport 9000 size 235/35/19. These are BRAND NEW!

Would fit on rims between 19x7 to 19x9. If you don't already know, this is a top of the line ZR rated high performance tire. They come stock on Mercedes and other European cars.

Retail $237 each x 4 = $948 + $40s/h = $988 (Tire Rack)
Asking $800obo + shipping.
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