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altima/dsm lover4life
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Got to by a house guys
Selling altima as is with the following

Built bottomend Bored 40over JE pistons 10.5:1, Crower rods
ARP headstuds, Arp mainstud bolts
JWT Cams
JWt upgraded 96ECU
Ported head,
Ported intake manifold
Stillen header
no cat
Greddy catback
Stillen lighten Flywheel
ACt Streetdisk Clutch
PaceRace CAI
MAllory ignition upgrade
MSD timing retard nob
300zxtt fuel pump
300zxtt fuel injectors
75shot ZEX

Kenwood CD player 1year old
Extant 1000watt amp
infinity interiors 6"9s fabricated in front

18inch Axis Alegis Alloy rims on 205/35/18s
Aerospeed springs
HIDs the real ones.

Asking for everything 6200.

I am not parting out so no point in asking. I think this is a hellaof deal. More than 12grand has been invested in this car and all I want is my payoff so i can get out of debt and get a house. I have more pics on request

"In Orbe Terum Non Visi"
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Wow:cool: , this is a good deal.

altima/dsm lover4life
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I ran 14.8 2yrs ago when I barely had anything done except a 55shot and that was just one pass. I haven't ran her since the builtbottem end ecu and cams were installed with the 75shot upgrade. On slicks i can predict 12.9, 12.8 with a good 60foot.

I got the wheels from a friend of mine on this site that wanted to get different ones.

I really don't know how many miles the built motor has on it b/c my mileage gauge doesn't work since I changed my cluster. I have been driving the car with built motor for about 7months
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