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The engine spun a bearing at 130k miles. These are parts either from the replacement engine (had 115k on it) that weren't used or from the origianl engine.

Ignition coil (5), spark plugs wires (5), cap and rotor (2).

Valve cover (35), cams (35), distributor (25), in/ex manifolds (make offer), crank pulley (10), egr valve (make offer), throttle (25), fuel rail with injectors and regulator (not pictured, 35)

I am sure there are other things like oil pan, o2 sensor or something else on the engine someone may want, just email and ask. Note, I do not have accessories like altenator, starter, a/c, ps pump, I might have the brackets if anyone needs them. If anyone in the DFW area wants all of it, I will let it go for a good price. Best way to contact me is through my email which is below. Thanks

Kevin <----- Email
Ft.Worth, Tx
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