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I got this dealership letter from the local Infiniti guys, and it was describing the G35. What got me confused and worried was that the letter said the G35 will have 255 hp. I thought the G35 would have at 280 hp, or at least 270 hp. what's the real story on that?

i know the japanese skyline will be the G35 equivalent, and i am well aware that the original skyline's have always been 4-door models since its heritage's beginnings as a Prince Skyline (another defunct car manufacturer) some 40 years ago. GT-R's were only introduced in 1987, i think, 4-door GT-R's were only made in one year, 1997, but i could be wrong. G35 does not equal GT-R, but having a 4-door GT-R would be quite intriguing. that would definitely be one of the best examples of a sleeper.

also, if the maxima is the lower equivalent to the I35, then is the Altima the same to the G35, except for the FR layout? sentra is to G20, and pathfinder is to QX4, so...

is the altima the baby skyline after all?
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