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Jim Brown. There is something quite interesting about Jim Brown in contrast to the other dudes that sit atop the Greatest RB lists. Jim Brown first off only played nine seasons. The seasons also weren't 16 games long. He played a 12 game season and a 14 game season. In those nine seasons Jim Brown did this:

Jim Brown

Career yards: 12,312
Most rush TD: 106

Now those who hold the greatest crowns

Emmit Smith in 13 seasons 16 games a season

Career yards: 17,418
Most rush TD: 155

Walter Payton in 12 seasons and I believe 15 games a season

Career yards: 16,726
Most rush TD: 110

Barry Sanders in 9 seasons, 153 reg season games

Career yards: 15,269
Most rush TD: 99

Now Barry Sanders is a close second. I believe if he had stayed in the league he would have trounced all. But I also believe that if Jim Brown were in the league as long as these other guys and played as many games, no one would have gotten close except Barry Sanders.

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thajones said:
Hey, I'll give Barry his props, because he was always on a losing team yet prevailed (anyone watch that NFL special on him?).
I hope I won't have to say that about Ladanian Tomlinson. :(

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When I opened this thread I was expecting to see a Skyline motor.


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