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Hey everyone, I just installed the MSD Blaster 2 on my 1st gen Altima. Decided to make a guide just in case anyone was curious on how to install it. Reason I decided to install the Blaster 2 instead of the SS which is common on the KA24D(E), I would be able to use the stock coil wire instead of needing an aftermarket one or modifying the stock one. It is pretty simple to install, pretty straight forward. Keep in mind I installed this to a stock distributor system. Feel free to FAQ this :)

MSD Blaster 2 Coil
Coil Bracket
2 crimp ends that fit the stock wire
MSD Ballast Resistor (optional I suppose)

1. So first thing to do, is disconnect the negative cable to the battery for safety.

2. Now take off the old coil, first thing disconnect the harness and then the wire to the distributor cap. Remove the 2 retaining bolts holding the coil, should come out with ease.

Here is a picture of the wiring basically.

3. Cut the harness connector and crimp on the ends. Just remember..

Positive (+) - Black/Red Wire
Negative (-) - Black/Green Wire

According to MSD, they recommend putting on the ballast resistor on the car especially if hooking up to stock distributor. I ordered it but it hasn't come in yet, so how you hook it up is just attach it in the positive wire.

4. Put the coil in the bracket, the bracket should of came with a long nut and bolt. Use that to attach the coil to the bracket.

5. Now take the bracket, your gonna want to cut the ends on both sides to fit better. Just cut it a little before the hole. Like this. Reason we cut it is so it isn't to close to that thing that controls the throttle body (looks like a dumbbell sort of) and not to close to distributor cap.

We are gonna mount the bracket/coil where the old bolt was holding the top of the stock coil, and the bracket holding the distributor cap. Remove the bolt holding the cap and put one end of the bracket there. Now on the other side, I used the spacers that was holding the stock coil and added another washer so it would sit even. Here is a picture. Basically goes, spacer, washer, bracket, spacer. And of course this is all on the bolt..

6. Now bolt down the negative end and then the positive end. You can use your stock coil wire to distributor so just plug that in. Now start it up and you have just installed your MSD Blaster 2 coil :)

Some people ran the system fine without the ballast resistor, I called MSD and asked them, they said you can but they just suggest getting the resistor.
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