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Hi my name is Heather I have a 2000 Nissan Altima 2.4 my car has approximately 137000 miles
So about six weeks ago after driving home from work and after filling my gas tank up I went back out to my car and noticed that there was a wet spot under my car I put a tissue under and discovered that there was a gas leak It was the main pipe or hose that connects to the fuel tank I had that replaced . I would like to also point out that when my car was inspected in March they had a check engine code for a fuel.sensor the one that determines how much gas is in the tank after replacing the line that was leaking the code is no longer coming up.
At the same time I had my air filter replaced oil change done and part of my exhaust was repaired the pipe that connects to the manifold I believe.
Shortly after this on the way to work a few days later I thought my car kind of jerk or shift hard it did it so quickly that I actually thought I imagined it and then it did it again that same day on the way home from work again so quickly that I thought that I was imagining it yet again .the reason why I'm saying I thought I was imagining it is because my car very really got on the highway in fact I could probably go in a a whole year and a half before I would actually need an oil change even though I did one more frequently than that I barely what put 1200 miles on my car in one year until recently I was transferred to another location that is much further away from where I live and where I was working and now I'm putting about 60 miles on my car a day and driving on the highway so even though I've had my car for 6 years it's barely been on the highway so I don't really know how it drives on the highway .few days later I had to go back to work and I have to get on the highway The jerk occurred a couple of times on they way into work and on they way home . After experiencing it several times I realized that it was happening when I was accelerating I also was newly using my air conditioner it's not a new air conditioner I just never really used it before because I lived close to home and everything that I did was close to home and I never really drove any distance until recently transferred as I had mentioned so I thought perhaps the air conditioner was causing an issue because when I would have my air conditioner on there was a loud screeching noise the air conditioner stopped working and then it was straight again and it was start working I did have all those belts replaced and did not really make the air conditioner work any better but anyways I haven't used the air conditioner sense and the gherkin is still going on so that leads me to believe it is not the air conditioning.. My check engine light was on so we checked the codes code p1441 came up which keeps randomly coming up .I would like to find out what that damn code is , we did replace a purge solenoid sensor trying to get rid of that code and we also replaced the gas cap trying to get rid of that code no such luck.another code also came up at the same time p0500 which is the speed sensor we did replace the speed sensor and the code did go away I'm not sure if I actually went away because 2 days later we read the engine because I was still having the same issues and p0500 was shown as pending mode 7 ....what does that mean ,?
So replacing the speed sensor did not resolve my jerking issue at acceleration so we plug the car back into the check engine machine and drove the car while it was plugged in hoping that when it would jerk that's some new codes would read it did jerk upon acceleration several times while plugged in the oxygen sensor level read lean a couple of times and then went to normal and p1441 code came up code 89 came up and code 14 came up. I had trouble trying to find what code 89 and code 14 meant ? Does anyone have any suggestions?
Also while the car was plugged in to the engine reader the map sensor reading kept fluctuating so we looked up map sensor issues and all the symptoms that my car has fit so we a new map sensor was ordered we went to replace and we cannot find where it's located then we read online that the car has either a map sensor or an MAF sensor my car had a new MAF sensor installed two years ago do these often go bad so easily and so quickly?
Anyways we have a new MAF sensor on order.
Now next to code 14 it said speed sensor but p0500 also said speed sensor so I'm wondering does my car have more than one speed sensor if so where are they both located we change the one that was kind of toward the back in the sensor
it looks a little funny kind of has a big ball on one end that is the one that we replaced.
I would also like to point out that when I was driving my car with my air conditioner on I would get a lot of squealing so when we replaced the speed sensor we also replaced the serpentine belt two of them .

Other repairs : about two years ago I also had my catalytic converter replaced I had the EGR valve replaced the IAC valve replaced I also had the brake booster replaced a new fuel filter put in a new master cylinder put in as normal wear and tear front end issues for an iolder car repaired. the brake booster was replaced because my wheels were locking up and getting hot and my brake pedal was hard and I was unable to move after doing all sorts of repairs on my brakes the only thing left was the brake booster fixed the breaking locking issues.and yesterday when I got into my car first thing in the morning before starting my car I put my foot on the brake it seemed very hard and stiff to me normally I don't notice it being so hard like it didn't want to move usually I have a little flexibility in it ( I do have movement once car is started ) so I noticed the hard pedal again today and while driving my car home from work today it felt like I was going a little further than I normally do when applying my brakes to stop. now it did down pour for 3 hours and I did drive through a puddle upon exiting the parking lot at work so that could be the reason why my brakes felt like they were letting me go a little further then normal when stopping but it doesn't explain why they felt so hard yesterday morning and this morning ( before starting car )
maybe they always feel that way because I'm having issues right now I'm just paying attention to everything and worrying about everything.

I am hoping that somebody could have some advice on what we should look at next or what this possibly could be why is my car having issues on acceleration it only seems to be when I'm accelerating and it seems to be happening after I have driven the car for about 10 to 15 minutes so after it gets really warm. It seems to happen is it possible that something is going on with my brake booster which is causing this issue with acceleration? and perhaps it's not my imagination that my brake feels hard and stiff in the morning? could there be some sort of vacuum leak in the brake booster which is causing the p1441 code to come up? Please advise and give any helpful hints or what we should look at next I already feel as if I'm in so deep with this car and it doesn't really have a lot of mileage on it that I might as well just continue forward.
Thank u Heather
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