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Hello all, I have had quite a few different lighting setups in my car. Last summer I decided to to a complete factory HID retrofit complete with factory style (they're depo's) reflector lenses d2r's and osram ballasts. They came as a package from ebay. Well one of the ballasts has failed because it somehow got water in it and it corroded. I am contemplating replacing them with the same thing, only issue is that the current listings are for "SE-R" assemblies. I'm guessing these are the same? Doing a custom projector retrofit isn't really in the cards right now.

Or I could go another route and get the famed depo projector assemblies and then just source the additional parts needed like bulbs and ballasts.

OEM Style assemblies
Headlight Head Lamp HID Xenon LH Left RH Right Pair for 05 06 Nissan Altima SE R | eBay

Projectors - Though I heard these suck...
Projector Halogen Performance Headlight Headlamp Pair Set for 05 06 Altima | eBay
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