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headlight assembly

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Hello and greeting everyone, I am new to the forum so I apologize in advance if i broke any rules.

I have a 2017.5 Altima 3.5 SL and I recently hit a broken tire on the highway that damaged the right side of my front bumper but did not crack it or damage my headlight. Recently tho I started getting intermittent warning message of headlight system fault in the instrument cluster. Upon further inspection I found that my low beams are going off sometimes when Im taking a turn. then a couple of days later (thats exactly two months after eating that tire hit on the same side) I find moisture in my headlamp and my low beam is completely out. I took off the headlamp to look for any signs of damage but did find anything but found a ton of water inside my headlamp. no that I know my headlamp is leaking water inside I need to get a replacement, I could not find ANY and I mean any aftermarket passenger side headlamp with DRL and HID oem style headlamp and dealerships charge 980$ plus tax!!!! anyone knows where I can get an after market headlamp with HID and DRL LED that is always on?

I am thinking of just replacing both of my headlamps with after market regular halogen assemblies and sacrifice the LED DRL strip that I chose the SL specifically for -_-.

Thank you again :)
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