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Per Vtec Killer:

pre heat the oven to 350 degrees and put one headlight at a time in there for 10 minutes.and make sure the oven is already at 350 degrees before you stick them in.put the headlight on a cookie sheet,and make sure you knocked off all the brackets,like 5 or so of those and make sure you took out the screws that hold the two pieces together out,should be one or two of those.take it out seperate the two pieces clean,set both pieces back in the oven for another ten minutes take them out and squish that bitch back together.i never put the clips and screws back in tough....then do your other light and your cool.becarefull not to use a rough towel on the inside surface cuz it is glass and it scratches easy,use like an old t-shirt or something for that.
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